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Real Story Number 1. The story that inspired the creation and maintenance of this website.

Rolex (Registered Trademark) We are not infringing on your trademark. We are sharing the true story that your actions created, and their unfortunate consequences. 

A college freshman is home on summer break. Trying to raise money for next year's college expenses, he decides to sell his replica Rolex(R) watch on Craigslist. 

The lad doesn't know that Rolex(R) is one of the most verociously defended trademarks in America...right up there with Waffle House (R) yes, you can not use the words "waffle" and "house" in your website nor restaurant or legal action will come your way!

The lad takes out an ad in the Portland Oregon Craigslist offering a fake Rolex(R) for sale. Not a replica, not a real Rolex(R), but a fake Rolex that he got from his mother's father, a retired United States Secret Service Agent, who like many folks, have bought a fake this or that. 

Rolex's attorneys are scouring the internet daily to find actions to take. On this day, they found the ad from an honest lad, selling a fake Rolex that was given to him as a gift by a Secret Service agent (then retired, now deceased).

The lad didn't think he was doing anything wrong. He was approached by an undercover policeman from the City of Beaverton, Oregon who was contacted by Rolex's attorneys who insisted that this atrocity be prosecuted to the fullest, a felony.

This lad completed the sale to the undercover policeman and was promptly arrested.

He hires an attorney to defend him. Attorneys fees and fines are around $8,000. and the young man pleads guilty to a felony.

Now, six years later, no one will hire him. He has a felony count on his record. Few companies will hire a felon. 

This is a true story. Almost as sad and tragic as blood diamonds.

When you consider purchasing a Rolex(R) consider their ethics and tactics. Buy something else.